Jean-Michel Bédard

Certified Landscape Architect - B.A.P


Founder of the firm and a real passionate, Jean-Michel showed throughout the years great qualities in plan design and management. He conducted numerous landscape projects and follows the advances related to green technologies. He's a leader and it is with pride that he takes the time to understand the needs of his customers.



Architectes paysagistes, aménagement extérieur, Montréal

Marc Cossette
Environmental geographer B.Sc.


From geography program focused on scientific research, Marc has specialized in study of Quebec landscapes and its plants communities. His knowledge in the fields of ecology , geomorphology and hydrology allow it to perform a full analysis of environmental projects.


Opaysage is a firm specialized in landscape architecture and in landscape management. Our goal is to enhance the experience of space for the users through sustainable and innovative environments. We are proposing original ideas coming up from a deep understanding of the current environmental challenges. In our projects, we are focusing on biodiversity and on native planting schemes.


With our continuous monitoring of your project, our landscape architecture services really stands out. The decisions we take concerning your project are taken very much to hearth.


With the belief that quality is increased when a diversity of opinions are put forward in a project, we aim to develop a team of professionals in the field of design. So if you feel challenged by our vision and projects, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss of your ambitions.