At Opaysage, landscape architecture and environment are one and the same.

Our landscape architecture firm has extensive expertise in planning, envisioning, designing and carrying out innovative development projects. These projects include eco-friendly yards, municipal projects of all sizes, and shoreline stabilization and rehabilitation. We provide environmental services that promote biodiversity in the heart of cities and urban areas.

Our expertise

Green neighbourhoods

Greening existing neighbourhoods and rethink the design of new ones by integrating concepts such as urban agriculture, clean energy and active transportation and creating areas to preserve biodiversity.

Development master plans

Designing smart, sustainable large-scale development projects that allow decision-makers in the public and private sectors to improve residents’ quality of life with a long-term vision.

Urban design

Envisioning human-scale designs for everything from private yards to public squares, drawing inspiration from natural principles, such as water filtration in the soil, plant diversity and air quality improvement, and allowing creativity to be our guide.

Eco-friendly parking lots

Redefining current parking lot designs by using permeable surfaces and vegetation, keeping the use of asphalt to a minimum, integrating bioretention zones, and planting trees all around to reduce heat island effects.

Shoreline stabilization

Fixing problems caused by shoreline erosion to preserve natural environments for shoreline owners, using soil bioengineering techniques to increase the project’s environmental value.


Reintegrating forest concepts into schoolyards by planting trees, creating vegetable gardens and imagining outdoor classrooms and areas for active play to encourage youth to learn through curiosity and discover the environment around them.

Sustainable green space management

Reducing grass surfaces in green spaces to minimize pollution and maintenance costs, replacing them with low-maintenance flower-covered areas to make way for insect pollinators and maximize the benefits of biodiversity.

Green corridors

Creating and redesigning corridors in our neighbourhoods that allow flora to develop and fauna to move around and grow in safety, helping us relearn to live in harmony with native species in our day-to-day lives.

Green roofs

Normalizing green roofing by systematically integrating vegetation into buildings’ roofs and walls. Whatever the size of a city, green roofs will help with rainwater management and reduce air conditioning costs while beautifying cityscapes.

Bioretention basins

Designing projects that integrate areas where rainwater naturally filters through the soil toward groundwater. These places not only become areas of choice for many birds, frogs and pollinating insects, but also reduce the need for municipal rainwater management.

Industrial greening

Integrating green walls and planting native trees to purify the air and decontaminate soil in industrial areas, improving the quality of life for those who work in these environments every day.

Urban forests and agriculture

Reintegrating and preserving forests in our neighbourhoods : turn vacant lots into vegetable gardens, and view forests as possibilities when preparing development master plans.

we will be there for you from beginning to end, whatever your project’s scale

Our professional services


We understand and assess clients’ needs so we can propose effective, sustainable solutions tailored to the project.

Planning and studies

We carry out preliminary studies, including research coordination, impact studies, topographic surveys and soil assessments.


We develop design criteria to help create innovative, sustainable solutions tailored to clients’ needs.

Plans and quotes

We prepare and produce plans, quotes and estimates needed to carry out work.

Project management

We manage and prepare each step of a project and coordinate the work and people involved, respecting clients’ quality, cost and deadline requirements.

Worksite supervision

We ensure that work is carried out properly and smoothly according to the approved plan by having the landscape architect in charge of the project pay daily or regular visits to the worksite.