At Opaysage...

imagined in new ways.

At Opaysage

You will be transported.

Landscape architecture and environment are one and the same.

We are there for our clients from the very beginning to the very end.

Your project will be beautiful and, above all, smart.

We show you that your yards, neighbourhoods and cities can be imagined in new ways.

what if

We truly lived in harmony with flora and fauna? We built corridors for animals and became more in tune with ecosystems? Our expertise allowed us to rethink the way we view landscapes?

biodiversity was the answer?

what if

Our intuition was right? Trains, biking and walking became our modes of transportation? Our designs allowed us to find a better balance between protecting land and developing it?

we had to change our way of life?

what if

Landscape architecture was an answer to current environmental concerns? Greening roofs, alleyways and cities became second nature in urban development? Our understanding of your project married creativity and green innovation?

our concerns were yours too?

Be the change, one step at a time

Since our firm was founded in 2011, we have worked hard to take actions that make a difference, from offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions to working with partners in environmental transition.

But the daily actions that we take through your projects are what really allow us to bring out change.

Municipal / Institutionnel

Recreational tourism park


Hôtel Bonaventure rooftop

Stabilisation / Berges / Génie végétal

Shoreline stabilization in Cap-Saint-Jacques


Alpine garden

Municipal / Institutionnel

Pollinator garden


Tours Frontenac grounds