Church square

Town center, Mascouche

In Mascouche, many initiatives have been introduced to revitalize the city’s historic centre along Chemin Sainte-Marie and make it livelier and more vibrant. The City of Mascouche wanted to make the Mascouche River more accessible to residents, improve access to businesses on the main street and create a pleasant environment for visitors and residents in the heart of their town. 

For this project, the City asked our firm to propose a development plan for the town centre that would enhance the linear space across from the church, along the Mascouche River. We proposed a design with winding lines evoking the river’s flow and used a variety of materials (wood, stone and permeable paver) embellished with native trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials.  

We added footbridges, sitting areas, a flower meadow and a pop-up building made from a recycled container with a green roof to this public place in Old Mascouche to preserve the area’s historical charm while adding a touch of modernity.