Greening the east side of Montreal


Greening as part of the “L’Est révèle sa vraie nature” campaign

Opaysage carried out several greening projects in Montreal for the “L’Est révèle sa vraie nature” greening campaign launched by the borough of Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles, SODEC RDP-PAT and CRE-Montréal.

At various points, our firm was called on to support and guide business owners through this initiative, which also aimed to provide employees with improved outdoor spaces. Our assignments included greening the grounds of a dozen industrial companies and a three-year partnership with Suncor Énergie and Soverdi.

To reduce Suncor Énergie’s ecological footprint, Opaysage drew up an industrial greening master plan and developed a proposal for green corridors on the east side of Montreal. The 11 projects, planned out over a five-year period, included planting many trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses.

In addition to carrying out a number of these projects, our firm partnered with SODEC RDP-PAT and Soverdi to supervise and ensure the successful completion of tree-planting days carried out with Suncor Énergie employees and students from École Secondaire Jean-Grou. These greening projects show the potential of when representatives from corporations, institutions and the general public come together.

The above initiatives are part of the Plan d'action canopée developed by the City of Montreal and Soverdi, which aims to plant 300,000 trees in Montreal by 2022.

Greening for ILEAU

To further encourage greening of industrial areas and fight urban heat islands, Opaysage is involved in the ILEAU project launched by CRE-Montréal in partnership with Soverdi. From a range of available options, our firm designs plans and offers consultations and advice to various Montreal institutions looking to improve their work environments by enhancing their greenspaces. Opaysage is proud to be part of the ILEAU project, which also involves helping to construct an active green-blue network between the Des Prairies and St. Lawrence rivers.