Henri-Bourassa and Soleil-de-l’Aube schoolyard


This schoolyard project, located in Repentigny in the Lanaudière region, exemplifies the desire to reintroduce children to nature at the very heart of their institutional learning experience.

To reduce the amount of paved surfaces and, consequently, the heat island effect created by the schoolyard, significant sections of concrete have been removed both at the entrance for students and within the schoolyard itself. These newly reclaimed spaces have not only allowed for the planting of large-scale trees to provide shade during the summer months but also the creation of permeable surfaces capable of hosting an outdoor classroom and vegetable planters.

An unused ball game area has been converted to not only decrease the percentage of asphalt in the schoolyard but also to accommodate a new wooden play structure that encourages learning through risk-taking.

Additionally, flower beds, fruit trees, and Virginia creeper vines on the fences have been incorporated to attract pollinating insects and allow biodiversity to thrive once again.

A colorful mural adorns the exterior wall facing the drop-off area, blending art and nature seamlessly into the learning environment for these young students.