Châteaubriand backyard

Villeray – Saint-Michel – Parc-Extension, Montréal

Since our firm was founded, we have carried out many eco-friendly yard projects in Montreal’s Villeray neighbourhood. Urban yards offer up exciting challenges when it comes to space and design and give us the opportunity to implement an array of green technologies.

We designed this project for a young family on Châteaubriand Street. The spaces are configured to allow versatility and integrate a variety of uses for the entire family. The red steel structure is designed to have many uses, including a spot to hang children’s swings, hammocks or decorations.  

We designed a four-season parking space with reinforced grass seeded with white clover. The eating area is made of permeable paver, allowing it to function as a second parking space in the winter.

Other highlights of this urban project include the relaxing terrace lounge on top of the building and the green roof on the shed planted with chives.