The Place du Centième – Edwin-Crabtree Park


In order to create a legacy for its population, the municipality of Crabtree has entrusted Opaysage with the task of redesigning its central square, Edwin-Crabtree Park, in anticipation of the city's 100th anniversary celebrations.

Tree plantings, citizen empowerment, and a central green and illuminated structure are at the heart of this project, combining the needs and desires of both young and old. Thus, mounds have been created so that the children from the nearby CPE can climb, run, and jump through the undulations of the space; paths of stone dust ensure accessibility to the site for everyone, while allowing water infiltration into the soil; engraved paved surfaces at the park entrance and in front of the municipality's founder's bust pay tribute to its citizens, past and present, and acknowledge their sense of belonging; a central pergola, echoing the roof of the church in the background, provides space for events and gatherings, in an intimate setting integrated with nature.