Gordon Park


Located in a bustling area of the City of Saint-Lambert, Gordon Park attracts visitors of all ages and serves as a refreshing oasis with its abundant greenery. However, the passage of time has left its mark on the park's facilities, prompting the City of Saint-Lambert to commission Opaysage to propose conceptual plans to modernize, enhance, and improve the park's amenities.

The proposed concept not only responds to the requests of citizens but also embodies the values of sustainable development that the City of Saint-Lambert aspires to. Furthermore, it is rooted in enhancing the existing features and integrating current environmental principles. The proposed design ensures the long-term sustainability of Gordon Park while retaining its current essence, offering citizens an enhanced, natural, yet updated park experience that encompasses both adventure and tranquility.

For example, to replace the outdated fountain, Opaysage proposes water jets integrated into the park that flow into a dry streambed before entering a bioretention basin. This approach minimizes reliance on the water supply system while allowing wastewater to replenish the soil and groundwater, providing relaxation and contemplation elements for park users. By seamlessly integrating the water jets into the park's natural environment, the central space remains open and available for events or other activities.

Additionally, a bistro area is proposed, a diverse tree planting plan is carefully devised to ensure the sustainability of the park's micro-forest, a wildflower meadow greets visitors at the park entrance (while providing habitat for a variety of insects and pollinators), and a playful paint design is planned when the street becomes pedestrian-only during the summer months.